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Are  the  boots you are looking for  always at the bottom  of  the  pile?    Have  you    experienced chafing as a result of your boot   tops  settlin' in?  Do you  want  to  prevent  damage from pets and insure  that  unwelcome  varmints,  spiders   and such,  don't  take  up  residence in a pair of your "old favorites?"  Then...

The ROUND 'EM UP!  tm  Boot Hanger  will   help you  organize  your  boots, keeping  them  high, dry,  crease-free  and  out of harm's way.  Throw away  those  old rolled  up newspapers you have been using as boot shapers, and let gravity work for you.

The ROUND 'EM UP!  tm  Boot Hanger's  patented design will accomodate English  riding, Western, police and select motorcycle boots.  Constructed of  high-grade  stainless steel and hand crafted in the USA, it is compact, lightweight, and folds for easy storage.

The ROUND 'EM UP!  tm  Boot Hanger  is   simply inserted through the pull strap loops.   Hang one pair  of  boots  from  a  single  hanger  or  use  a hanger   for    each   boot     ( hangers   are  sold  individually ).  The rotating feature allows  you to easily secure, hang  and position your boots in a closet or  anywhere  that's  high enough  to  put a little daylight under them.

The ROUND 'EM UP!  tm  Boot Hanger lends itself to many additional uses:   hangs bridles, halters, spurs, chaps, lariat ropes, tail wraps, etc.

 ~ Hang 'Em Anywhere ~
  Boot Hanger
Also Hangs Bridles, Halters, Chaps, Ropes, etc.
Taking Care of Your Boots...Will Save Your Hide!tm
For boot hanging options see diagrams on lower half of Free Offer page.
Patented ~ Made in U.S.A.
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