I Thought Cowboys Were Tough!!!
Hey bro back at you, I am convinced you might have over looked some some important issues with your boot storage system, I don't have time to cover them all so I'll hit on a few obvious points. The most alarming issue is finding things! Cowboys, are noted for loosing every thing looseable, including their own ass!  So as a result over the last 150 years every thing valuable to him from his wallet to his derringer, goes into his boots at the end of the day, every thing except the half pint that goes on the night stand.As you well know the boots are placed , before you hit the bunk for the night in a place where they will be sure to be tripped over ,upon rising the next day. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT POINT!!  a cowboy can live without what he stores in in his hat, but not without what he places in his boots!! My point is clear, a cowboy can only find what he stumbles over, lets not un-do a century and a half  of what clearly seems to work. Next, is the issue of critters taking up residence in your boots, that sounds fine as a sales pitch, all right but that issue is clearly taken care of by my first point. By filling your boots with your worldly poessions leaves little room for un-wanted guests, what I didn't mention in my first piont as you you allready well know ,before placing the boots for the night , each boot is plugged with the cow bowy's sock. Be honest how long is the list of critters  that can live in the air space of a real cowboy's sock.  However, any unwanted intrusion of the boots is clearly remedied when they are tripped over the next day .My last comment is simple . Cowboy's do not complain much, and when they do it is rarely about chafing!!!!Most chafing complaints are generally reserved for their ass or their groin, what self respecting cowboy, would dare mention discomfront as trival as chafed calfs?? This condition if it exists is probably a result  that, he hasn't changed them dam socks in abut six months. You might want to print this as a potential  future reference, cowboyup!

D.E. BUNN, Copyright 2000  
A humorous bit of cowboy logic from my brother's point of view,  in its original unedited format... complete with his spelling and punctuation (or lack thereof!).