Equestrian art work by:  Terry R. Hecker

"They're not just for hanging boots!" 
R. AllenRon Allen Performance Horses,  Lakeside, CA 

"Great product, will be using the boot hanger for years."
Susan  B., PA ~ dated 12-24-2000

"One great product/second time buyer.  Fast shipping and friendly communication."
Susan B., PA ~ dated 01-20-01

"Pretty Creative C.B.!  I think you have a great product! Once you find a way to make the public aware of it, you will become an instant Millionaire! Best of luck!!"
Frank C., IL ~ dated 01-27-01

"Good service, recommended.  Buy from them."
Randy H., NY ~ dated 04-23-01

"Very professional and prompt with response and delivery!"
Shannon L., TN ~ dated 10-29-01

"Just got the boot hangers and they are great!"
Devorah L., MA ~ dated 01-27-02

"Very nice product.  Thank you.  Would recommend."
Emily F., WA ~ dated 02-08-03

"Very useful products, good price, excellent packaging and paperwork."
Jean M., NV ~ dated 05-06-03

Amy P., GA ~ dated 11-12-03

"Great transaction.  Thanks."
Allison T., CA ~ dated 11-12-03

"Very good items and communication.  Fast shipping!!"
Mandy M., GA ~ dated 12-10-03

"Fast, professional, easy transaction."
Elese A., TN ~ dated 02-16-04

"Great hangers, I'm going to need more, lol thanks."
Ana C., OR ~ dated 02-18-04

"Terrific transaction, great product, friendly seller, absolutely buy again here!!"
Diane Z., MA ~ dated 02-21-04

"Great seller!!!!!  Pleasure to work with!!!!!"
Rebecca T., MI ~ dated 02-26-04

"Real Cute items, nice doing business with you."
Sandra H., MA ~ dated 04-01-04

"Great deal!!!  Very useful items!  Extremely fast shipping!"
Donald C., CA ~ dated 04-09-04

"Fast service".
Kathleen W., PA ~ dated 04-28-04

"You certainly did not send them on the Wells Fargo Stage Coach ! They arrived this morning,  incredible service. I am delighted with them, and  will certainly tell all my friends about them.
Thanks again and a Happy New Year to you all."
Regards, Gary S., Hertfordshire, United Kingdom ~ dated 12-31-2008

"Received them the other day. They are fantastic!!! Thanks!"
Michael K., OH ~ 05-24-2010

"Order delivered and they work great! Thanks for a  great product and service!"
Scott C., Abilene, TX ~ 01-04-2011

"I prefer 3 - red, white & blue.  Please notify me
when you will send these w/the tracking number. I previously bought 4 and think they are great. Thanks."

"Thank you for the prompt shipment of the boot hangers.  Also, thank you  for sending the strap version for my opinion.  As you can see in the pictures, I tried it on my muck boots because they have small pulls at the back of the boot that can easily break off; your product would allow hanging of the boots regardless. We have a small LQ horse trailer and space is at a premium so being able to get all of our boots (6 pair) off the floor and out of the way is a real plus."

We have several friends that we like to camp with and are anxious to show these hangers off, maybe you will get orders from them.  Feel free to use these pictures and my testimonial. Thanks!"
Mike S., Amarillo, TX ~ 04-08-2011

"The hangers are great and very much worth the wait.  They are perfect for my closet area.  And thank you for throwing in the extra pair; I actually miscounted and needed it!"
Scott J., Bethesda, MD ~ 03-27-2012

"These are Awesome!!!"
B. P., Newport Beach, CA ~ 06-13-2013

"Thank you very much for your great product and
great customer service. The boot hangers are such a nice solution and great product for my boots. Your sense of  customer service is outstanding. The shipping was fast and the packaging was just amazing. Thanks for the extra pair and the  American flag sticker. This is very impressive."
Jean-Pierre C., Princeton, NJ ~ 01-22-2014

"Loved the 4 hangers you sent last week, but need 2 more. These will also be blue to match the others." 

"Yes, absolutely you can use my testimonial. Thank you again for a super product!"
Ruth Z., Stormville, NY ~ 08-17-2014

​"Love this product! The boot hangers are so convenient & keep my boots off the floor where they can get damaged. They are the perfect solution."
Ken R., Little Rock, AR ~ 10-15-2014

"Yes, the hangers got here and they are perfect, very nicely made too. My son in Texas wants the other pair. I only have one pair of Buffalo Runner boots with high tops that need them. They are the old-fashioned, one-piece front boots like they wore back in the 1800's, so, the ankle area wrinkles up. The hangers are a lifesaver, just exactly what I needed." 
Dakota Doc Martin, SASS #21774, Grand Forks, ND ~ 08-15-2015

"I bought 8... I love them and need more for my cowboy boot collection... thanks again."
S.F., Albany, OR ~ 09-17-2015

"This is really a very clever, useful device. Everyone that sees them asks where I got them so going to give a few for Christmas. Great product!"
T.B., Raymore, MO ~ 11-25-2015

"Hi, it's me again. Any chance of getting more of these? My wife loves them so much she gave all of mine away!" 
A.A., Huston, TX ~ 03-06-2016                                                                         
"Thank you for the quick delivery of the boot hangers. They work just as planned. Back in Oct/Nov I was talking about building a rack of some sort. Well I did and your hangers work perfectly!"
C. O., Colorado Springs, CO ~ 05-09-2016

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